About Us

West Coast Casing was founded in the 1980's by Mike Hazen. His primary job function then was to operate casing tongs. Over the years West Coast Casing has grown from 1 employee to over 80 with multiple services being offered.

The most important thing to West Coast Casing is our customer service. The West Coast Casing staff is always looking for ways to improve our level of customer service and one of the ways we do this is by supplying as many services as possible for our clients. Along with running casing tongs, West Coast Casing now has a trucking division that consists of a hotshot service, straight trucks with flatbed trailers and cranes, a full-service machine shop where we fabricate down hole tools, as well as gravel packing and fishing tool divisions.

All of the employees at West Coast Casing are committed to raising our customers expectations by broadening our horizons through safety driven customer service.

Mission Statement

West Coast Casing takes pride in empowering our staff with the leadership skills to offer our customers a safety based, quality working environment.

We strive to maintain a core group of values in order to provide our customers and coworkers with the tools and solutions to get the job done with safety, with reliability and efficiently.

Contact Us Today.  (661) 325-0166  We are ready to work to work for you!
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